Judge stops Sao Paulo Grand Prix contract

01/12/2021 Formula 1 News

A judge has temporarily halted the Sao Paulo Grand Prix contract.

While the Grand Prix in Interlagos was recently celebrated – the contract was extended by five years – trouble is now looming. A judge has suspended the contract for the time being.

In concrete terms, the issue is that it must be disclosed to what extent public funds are being used to host the Grand Prix – until now, these funds have only ever been used to improve the infrastructure around the track, but in 2021 there is likely to be a direct payment by the city of around 3.5 million dollars to the organizer – the company “Brazil Motorsport”, supported by the Abu Dhabi government.

Within five days, the city must now provide further documentation in order to comply with the required transparency. It is not yet known what will happen after that.

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